The Owls' Nest

Team Representatives

There are two Team Representatives from each team that serve as members of the official voting body of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. These representatives serve as liaisons between their respective teams and the committee and bring up specific information concerning their teams as well as helping the board achieve a greater reach of athletics to the Bryn Mawr community.


Basketball: Lizzy Chan

Cross Country: Allegra Wham, Kinbrae Sperstad

Indoor Track: Emily Williams, Cate Roa

Outdoor Track: Haley Varnum, Natalia Phillip

Field Hockey: Grace Morris, Emma Hicks

Lacrosse: Abbi Gatewood

Crew: Anushka Robinson, Eliza Wagner

Soccer: Alexis Boutchie, Elena Leudy

Swimming: Carly Breen, Angela Mastrianni


Volleyball: Sienna Burnett, Colleen McGrath

Rugby: Makayla Selden