The Owls' Nest


Please read below for position descriptions and elections process

The positions up for election are as follows:

PRESIDENT: The President of the BMCSAAC shall preside over all BMCSAAC meetings. The President shall be responsible for and supervise the activities of SAAC, maintaining close contact with the members of SAAC and with the Department of Athletics and Physical Education. The President shall also serve as the Representative to the Self-Governance Association, which is the liaison between the entire Student Assembly and SAAC. She will present the issues and events of the BMCSAAC and the Department to the student body at large. She shall be required to attend ALL SGA and BMCSAAC meetings.

VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President during any temporary or permanent disability of the President. The Vice President’s primary responsibility is the organization of the Athletics Banquet at the conclusion of the academic year.

SECRETARY: The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at BMCSAAC meetings and distributing an electronic copy to the BMCSAAC officers, assembly members, and Department of Athletics and Physical Education. She shall also keep a record of the attendance at each meeting.

TREASURER: The Treasurer shall draw up the budget in conjunction with the other officers and submit it at the appropriate time to the Self Governance Association. She shall be responsible for keeping the financial records, including, but not limited to, receipts and check requests.

PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER: The Public Relations Officer shall serve as the publicist of events for the Association. She is in charge publicizing all events and creating a bi-weekly flyer featuring athletes and upcoming events (currently called “Stalls Illustrated”).

The following describes the elections process taken from the constitution:

Subsection A: Voting members of the BMCSAAC shall consist of Officers and 2 Team Representatives. The officers shall be (1) President, (1) Vice President, (1) Secretary, (1) Treasurer, and (1) Public Relations. The assembly at the second-to-last meeting of the academic year votes for officers. The new executive board shall then conclude the academic year at the final meeting.

Subsection B: Voting will take place for each officer position on a separate day. The positions will be announced after each day of voting, before the election process of the next position begins so that members can take into consideration diversity of the board as they vote.