The Owls' Nest


Bryn Mawr College Student Athlete Advisory Committee


(Revised 05/2014)

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Bryn Mawr College Student Athlete Advisory Committee, hereafter BMCSAAC

Section 2: The responsibility and duty of the BMCSAAC shall be to promote and encourage athletics, fitness, and recreational activities. The BMCSAAC shall also address athletes’ concerns and act as a support mechanism for them, as well as informing athletes of changes in NCAA and PAIAW play. Lastly, the BMCSAAC shall act as a liaison between athletes and the Department of Athletics and Physical Education.

Section 3: The BMCSAAC may sponsor events and activities to further its responsibilities. Any activity held must be held with the cooperation and compliance of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education.

Article II: Membership

Section 1: The BMCSAAC shall be open to all the undergraduate students of Bryn Mawr College. Membership shall be divided into two categories: voting and non-voting.

Subsection A: Voting members of the BMCSAAC shall consist of Officers and 2 Team Representatives. The officers shall be (1) President, (1) Vice President, (1) Secretary, (1) Treasurer, and (1) Public Relations. The assembly at the second-to-last meeting of the academic year chooses officers. The new executive board shall then conclude the academic year at the final meeting.

Subsection B: Voting will take place for each position on a separate day. The positions will be announced after each day of voting, before the election process of the next position begins so that members can take into consideration diversity of the board as they vote.

 The President of the BMCSAAC shall preside over all BMCSAAC meetings. The President shall be responsible for and supervise the activities of SAAC, maintaining close contact with the members of SAAC and with the Department of Athletics and Physical Education. The President shall also serve as the Representative to the Self-Governance Association, which is the liaison between the entire Student Assembly and SAAC. She will present the issues and events of the BMCSAAC and the Department to the student body at large. She shall be required to attend ALL SGA and BMCSAAC meetings.

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President during any temporary or permanent disability of the President. The Vice President’s primary responsibility is the organization of the Athletics Banquet at the conclusion of the academic year.

The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at BMCSAAC meetings and distributing an electronic copy to the BMCSAAC officers, assembly members, and Department of Athletics and Physical Education. She shall also keep a record of the attendance at each meeting.

The Treasurer shall draw up the budget in conjunction with the other officers and submit it at the appropriate time to the Self Governance Association. She shall be responsible for keeping the financial records, including, but not limited to, receipts and check requests.

The Public Relations Officer shall serve as the publicist of events for the Association. She is in charge publicizing all events and creating a bi-weekly flyer featuring athletes and upcoming events (currently called “Stalls Illustrated”).

Subsection C: Team Representatives

  1. Each team shall have two members as part of the voting body. Teams shall choose their representatives, and these representatives shall enter upon their duties at the beginning of the year. They are required to relay information from SAAC to their team, and vice versa.
  2. Teams are required to have two representatives. If at any time a representative is unable to fulfill her duty, the respective team may vote in a new member to take her place.
  3. Athletes that make up the Executive Board of the BMCSAAC do not count as a representative for their team(s).

Subsection D: Any member of the Bryn Mawr College community shall be permitted to attend BMCSAAC meetings and provide input into all discussions. These members are not permitted to vote.

Article III: Removal from Office

Section 1: If any Officer or Representative does not fulfill their duties, including attending meetings, as stated by the Constitution of the BMCSAAC, they will first receive a warning from the President (In case of the President’s removal, a warning shall be issued by the officers of the BMCSAAC). If the warning is not heeded, she may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of all voting members of the BMCSAAC.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1: BMCSAAC meetings shall be held bi-weekly on a specific day at a specific time (currently Wednesdays at 8:30 PM) to be determined by the Executive Board. The BMCSAAC Officers shall meet as deemed necessary.

Section 2: A calendar of events and meetings shall be set up at the beginning of each semester by the Officers and the Department of Athletics and Physical Education.

Section 3: Motions at BMCSAAC meetings shall be decided by a majority vote of all voting members present.

Section 4: The Officers reserve the right to call additional meetings whenever necessary.

Section 5: All BMCSAAC meetings and events, as well as sporting contests, shall be posted on the designated BMCSAAC board in Schwartz Gymnasium on a weekly basis.

Section 6: All meetings shall be open to the Bi-College community.

Section 7: All meetings shall have a 60 minute time limit. Time may be extended be a majority vote by voting members of those present.

Article V: Voting

Section 1: Only those stipulated as voting members are allowed to vote.

Section 2: Each team receives two votes, one per representative.

Section 3: A majority vote of quorum (2/3 of the assembly) is required for any event sponsored by the BMCSAAC to take place, and then requires a vote for a committee leader.

Section 4: In order to be eligible for voting membership in the BMCSAAC, a club team must be admitted by a majority vote of the Committee. In order for club members to be eligible for awards at the BMCSAAC Banquet, a club must petition the BMCSAAC for membership prior to the end of September of that academic year.

Article VI: Awards

Section 1: The following are Varsity teams recognized by the Department of Athletics and Physical Education for which participants are rewarded:




Cross Country

Field Hockey


Rugby (Varsity-Club)




Track & Field (Indoor & Outdoor)


Section 2: Members of the BMCSAAC who qualify for an award shall be recognized formally at the Awards Banquet held in the Spring. The purpose of the BMCSAAC awards is to honor the athletes for participation in a sport, dedication to a team, and athletic ability. Outstanding athletes are recognized within their own team awards and through the larger awards and those from outside the college (i.e. All-American, All-Conference, etc.) Each eligible award-winning athlete shall receive the award corresponding to the numbers of years they have played, regardless of their prior status and corresponding to the status they receive that year. The award will signify the number of years of participation in athletics. In the case of four year athletes, it shall be decided by the Department of Athletics and Physical Education which athletes shall receive the four-year Varsity award, and what that award shall be.

BMCSAAC Awards are as follows:

One Year Participation – Sunglasses

Two Year Participation – Waterbottle

Three Year Participation – Tote Bag

Four Year Participation – Watch

Article VII: Constitution

Section 1: Amendments to this Constitution may be instated at the review proceedings with quorum of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting assembly. Amendments may be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the quorum.

Section 2: The Constitution shall be ratified at the beginning of each academic year by the officers and reviewed at the beginning of each academic year by the Committee.

Section 3: A permanent copy of the Constitution shall be posted on the BMCSAAC board located in Schwartz Gymnasium. A copy of the Constitution with an explanation of Robert’s Rules of Order shall be made available to the members of the BMCSAAC at least two weeks prior to the review proceedings and copies of the proposed amendments shall be made available to the BMCSAAC members at least one week prior to the review proceedings.