The Owls' Nest

Executive Board

Your SAAC E-Board answers: What does SAAC mean to YOU?


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Presidents: Stephanie Montalvan ’18, Rowing & Kara Breeden ’18, Soccer




SAAC has provided us with the distinct opportunity to work with hardworking and disciplined athletes to promote a more positive and fun athletic community. The SAAC leaders we work with constantly inspire us to reach new heights in the process of bettering our community. Most importantly SAAC inspires athletes to be leaders off the field and have a strong voice within the BMC community.

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Vice President: Lillian Oyen-Ustad ’19, Swimming

The ability for students to play a significant role in their academic and athletic experience has always been a unique characteristic of Bryn Mawr. It is through SAAC that I am able to participate in both athletics and growing the department, while celebrating the successes of current students. Being a member of the executive board is an honor and I am excited to watch the athletic community at Bryn Mawr grow during, and long after, my time as an athlete here.



Head of Diversity: Nolan Julien ’18, Volleyball








Secretary: Cat Bactat ’21, Soccer









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Treasurer: Leah Baer ’20, Soccer

I want to make a tangible difference for athletes in the Bryn Mawr Community and


SAAC is just the right place for that!





Public Relations: Kendall Derber ’19, Lacrosse